We understand that selling your car privately is often an unpleasant process as it is a hassle and is time consuming. While it’s easy to post an ad online by yourself, your schedule might differ from potential buyers’, negotiating might not be your thing or you might have to wait for payments. When selling your car to Autoplus Canada, we give you a better-then-fair-price for your vehicle, you get the money right away and you also save some time -time that you might not be willing to invest to sell your car.



Better-than-fair-price for your vehicle

We are always looking for vehicles to sell. We buy used cars, trucks, SUCs and minivans from all over Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. Autoplus Canada is exposed to many potential buyers across the country, which guarantees we can resell your vehicle at a great price, which gives you more money in your pockets. Because your vehicle is being exposed to a bigger market through our dealership, we make sure you get a better-than-fair-price for your vehicle.


Free fast and easy appraisals

Our sell-us-your-car process is quite simple and will take no time!

  1. We will assess market values and prices from across Canada.
  2. We will give you our appraisal price based on the information your provided to us.
  3. You decide if you take the offer or not, there is absolutely no commitment needed for our free appraisals!

Honest and accurate evaluation

At Autoplus Canada, we make an honest and accurate evaluation of your car. We focus on the key parts of your vehicle to get you the best value possible! Below are the key parts that we look at on your vehicle:

  1. The year and the mileage of your vehicle.
  2. The exterior and interior condition of your vehicle.
  3. Mechanical issues that are to be determined by a test-drive.
  4. Aftermarket modifications.

Once we gather all this information, we will also take into account the history of maintenance of your vehicle as well as the current market conditions.